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Everyone wants a guy, a person you can trust and call on when needed.

Maybe you have a plumber guy or a mechanic guy.

Legit Exteriors wants to be YOUR guy when it comes to your home’s exterior.

We serve the Greater Portland Metro and Vancouver, WA areas offering some of the most experienced roofing, siding, window, and solar services around.

The more you learn about us, the more you’ll realize that we’re the right exterior contractors for you. And it all starts with the founder, David.

Started in 2011 as Legit Roofing by David Hazelton AKA Mr. Legit, and later re-branded as Legit Exteriors, we have served thousands of homeowners over the years.

David, a local boy, grew up in Portland and has been a go-getter his entire life.

Working for ole McDonald in the summer throwing bales. David even spent some time early in his life, working at Izzy’s Pizza.

Having a strong work ethic, integrity, along with no fear of heights, led David to start working slinging shingles.

After years of working for other roofers, David noticed they didn’t use any real system, no repeatable, tried and true method to protect a home long term.

Others would use whatever product was the cheapest, mixing brands, and offered no real long-term guarantee, only hollow promises.

If the business failed, the promises failed too.

David didn’t want to have the “two Chucks with a Truck image.” He wanted a real company, a Legit company, to grow and be there for customers.

David also wanted a system that would be right for your home while elevating what you could expect from your roof.

A system he found with Owens Corning and their Platinum Preferred Contractor program.

Finding a trustworthy local exterior company is challenging.

Legit Exteriors has spent the last 10 years working to fix this stereotype.

We don’t use bait and switch methods, and we don’t sell inferior products. With Legit Exteriors, you know you’ll be working with the best, and you’ll be a happy customer for life, confident enough in the years to come to recommend us even to your own mother.

David Hazelton Portland Vancouver Roofing ExpertMr. Legit in the early years.

Expert Local Roofing Windows and siding

Quality Products, Lifetime Warranties. We’re Legit.

Legit Exteriors - Locally Owned Portland Vancouver

Highly Rated Local Siding Contractors

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Legit Exteriors operates two locations, over 50 employees, and is partnered with three of the nation’s best home exteriors products manufacturers. David still works in-house alongside every facet of the company ensuring success and nurturing Legit’s growth.