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Exterior Design Trends

Exterior Design Trends

House Transformation. Legit Exteriors, serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about exterior design trends.

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What if we told you, “You don’t have to build a new house to get the newest looks?” It’s true. Home design trends are constantly changing. And this doesn’t just include the interior. Many design trends happen outside of the home too. Fortunately these can easily be achieved with some simple siding or roofing updates.

Let’s look at some exterior design trends for 2021.

More Windows

Natural light and airy interiors are in, so it makes sense to add extra exterior windows. Whether you’re adding French windows or bay windows, the key to window installations is to make sure they match the architectural design of your home. You want the windows to blend with your home, not stick out like a sore thumb.

Dark Siding

The modern farmhouse design has been trending for years. These types of homes typically have a board and batten look with a white exterior and black-framed windows. Today, many homeowners are making their modern farmhouses stand out with darker colors. Either with a single dark exterior color or with dark accents. It’s dramatic and eye-catching.

Natural Exterior Colors

Natural colors like Aged Pewter, Deep Ocean, Timber Bark, and Mountain Sage provide a sense of calm and familiarness. Being inspired by nature, these colors are already starting to show up in neighborhoods and they’re predicted to gain in popularity in the year ahead. Find more color and design inspiration on our website.

James Hardie siding color swatches. Legit Exteriors, serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about exterior design trends.

Wood Accents

Many homeowners today are opting for natural or composite wood accents which looks beautiful on various types of architecture, from contemporary to farmhouse. If you’re looking to embrace the wood accent trend, consider your front door, soffits, siding, columns, or garage doors.

Design Your Home's Exterior

Whether you’re interested in a rustic contemporary home, French country look, or other style, we at Legit Exteriors are here to help. Our team understands the architectural elements and features that are on trend and we can bring your vision to life. Contact us to speak with one of our contractors or try our Design EyeQ tool to get started designing your dream exterior!

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