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Hardiewrap weather Barriers used by Legit Exteriors - Roofing contractors serving Vancouver WA and Portland ORThe Hardiewrap brand has long been synonymous with high-quality siding and other residential and commercial builder’s products. Hardiewrap weather barriers add an additional layer of protection between the building’s structure and the wild and wet weather trying to get inside.

Hardiewrap Weather Barriers: Engineered for Climate

One of the reasons builders and contractors like this product so much is because it comes in various types to suit different climates. In the Pacific Northwest where Legit Exteriors does business, the climate is quite damp overall. Water resistant siding is a must for long-lasting buildings.

Water Resistant Siding Protects the Property

Hardiewrap brand barrier sheets stop the moisture from rain, snow, and general humidity out of the walls. The wrap’s non-perforated polyolefin surface forms a virtually impenetrable layer of water resistant siding below the final layer on the exterior of the home or commercial property.

While the wrap keeps moisture out, it also helps any moisture stuck in the walls escape. The last thing any property wants it a buildup of damp inside their walls. This can lead to mold and mildew growth that can seriously compromise the quality of the air inside. Eventually, the wood frame can rot, warp, and destabilize.

From the inside out, this barrier sheeting is permeable to water vapor. Any trapped between the walls or in the framing or siding wood can gradually flow out and stay dry and sturdy.

In addition to the unique performance that manages humidity into and out of the home, Hardiewrap weather barriers have an anti-mildew MicroTech coating that offers additional protection.

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Hardiewrap Weather Barriers in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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