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Get to Know Your Old Roof

Get to Know Your Old Roof

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Get to know your roof

If you own a home, you own a roof. You probably don’t know much about the roof over your head, but it’s a pretty important part of your home.

Your roof includes everything above your home’s walls. A roof’s primary function is to protect everything under it along with holding together
the walls of your home.

What you see when you look up are the covering and architectural decorations. On the outside is the wear layer, the shingles. These don’t last forever, no more on average than 50 years, but what they protect, the parts you don’t see, could literally last forever if the outer covering is taken care of and replaced when its time is up. Use this page as a guide to everything you could possibly want to know about roofing. This is a living blog post and will be updated as we produce more content.

Counter Flashing vs. Base Flashing

Everything a good roofer does is to guide water to where it should go. On chimneys, you want to put base flashing down first and run it up the chimney high enough that the counter flashing can overlap the base flashing.

Cracking Shingles

David explains why older shingles are cracking. Was it a manufacturing error? David explains what happened years ago, and how the manufacturing process has changed to prevent this problem in modern shingles.

Granule Loss

After the granules are gone, your roof could start leaking at any time. As a professional roofer, we have to call it the way we see it. It’s like taking your care to a mechanic and the telling you that you might make it another 500 miles. It could break down the moment you leave or last for years. Your roofer has to tell the good with the bad.

Incorrect Installation of recover Metal

How to tell if your roofer is an experienced roofer. It’s the little mistakes that can lead to leaks and rot. In this example, what should have been a drip edge under the shingles have been brought down onto the fascia board. Water and wood don’t mix.

Flying Gables vs Modern gables

A flying gable roof is when the ridgeline is extended at the peak of the gable. If you love the look, great, if you don’t, most of the time we can change that when recovering your roof, giving your home a more modern look.

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