Financing Your Home Exterior Project

Are you looking for financing for your home’s exterior project?

Legit Exteriors has financing options for all your exterior projects. Get your Smart Roof©, Super Sexy Siding©, and the Planet’s Best Windows© replaced with low monthly payments to qualified homeowners.

Our 20+ lenders approve homeowners with even less than perfect credit. If you need a roof, siding, or windows, don’t let the cost keep you from being comfortable in your own home. Financing your home exterior project is the most common way of coming up with the funds to get the exterior work you need.

Even if you have the cash on hand, it may be a wiser move to finance your improvement. Of course, this depends on your situation. But why tie up your money when you can borrow someone else’s money and make payments?

Applying for a loan through Legit Exteriors is quick with a lot less paperwork than refinancing or getting a HELC. Ask your home exterior consultant about financing options, or apply online today with Hearth.

How our financing works.

Yes, it is a hard pull. When a credit-issuing institution accesses your credit history with your permission and requests information about your credit history, it will result in a slight decrease (few points) in your credit score. Hard pulls don’t last long on your credit score, but you would be wise not to have too many hard inquiries in a row. Too many hard pulls in a row suggest you may be short on cash and a higher-risk to lenders.

Our lenders are capable of lending up to 100k for home exterior projects.

This is a very complicated question and too many variables to go over here. We want to refer you to Experian to answer this question. 

On average, once the paperwork is finished and sent to the lender, we will receive an answer between 1 to 2 business days.

If a lender denies funding to you, we work to figure out why. Legit Exteriors does not have access to your credit information directly. We can determine if there was an error on the information submitted, but if there are issues with your credit report, you should get a free copy of your report from

Generally, we need your full name, social security number, date of birth, address, income, Driver’s License, and signature. If it is a joint application, meaning someone else is applying with you, we’ll need the same information from them as well.

Generally, our lender’s APR falls between 4.99% to 28.99%. Your APR offer will depend on your credit score and credit history.

Yes, we only work with lenders that provide a fixed interest rate.

Our lenders offer unsecured or personal loans for your home exterior improvement project. Secured loans mean that the loan is backed by collateral, like your home.

Nope, there are no hidden fees.

Once your loan has been issued, all questions, issues, or communication about the loan will be directly through your lender.

No, if you’re ever asked to apply for financing that penalizes you for paying your loan off early, run away!

No, sorry, but loans for home improvement projects through our lenders do not allow you to take money out. If you are looking for cash, you would need to refinance your home or possibly look at getting a HELOC; both are secured credit.

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