Types of Roofs for Commercial Buildings

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Types of commercial roofing by Legit Exteriors - roofing contractors serving Portland OR and Vancouver WACommercial buildings need sturdy, long-lasting roofs that either contribute something stylistically to the structure or do nothing to detract from it. The majority of large commercial and industrial roofs are low slope or flat roofs. Smaller shops and stand-alone businesses may have other roof shapes that suit the business type and surrounding areas. Making the choice about which types of roofs work best requires the type of expert consideration an experienced roofing contractor like Legit Exteriors offers.

Popular Roof Shapes for Commercial Property

As mentioned above, flat or slightly sloped roof styles are most commonly found on large commercial and industrial buildings like shopping malls and warehouses. These shapes allow for the most space underneath or on top for ductwork, electrical cables, and heating and cooling systems. It also allows workers to get up on the roof more safely and make repairs or adjustments.

All the other possible roof shapes can also be used in commercial building: gable, hipped, mansard, and gambrel. The types of roofs and the materials used are as widely varied fall under four main varieties.


This newer roof technology combines TPO and PVC to create a light-resistant material that is attached directly to the roof structure using manufactured fasteners. This type of roof withstands damage from weather, chemicals, tree branches or other debris, and many other sources.


This polymer is considered one of the most environmentally friendly roofing materials currently in use. It resists extreme weather, physical punctures or abrasions, and UV damage. This material can be used in both new construction and on existing commercial properties.

Bitumin or Asphalt

Although technological strides have been made in the specific makeup of bitumen and asphalt, these roofing materials have been used for decades. They are usually cost-effective and more attractive than some other options if the roof surface will be visible to customers. Also, these materials are more forgiving when it comes to walking on the roof or installing other fixtures.

Metal Roof

Metal sheets, corrugated metals, and metal tiles or all popular choices for smaller commercial construction projects or retrofitting. They are long-lasting and damage resistant.

For any commercial property in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA regions, we offer everything needed to get a roof that will last and protect your business interests and properties.

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Types of Roofs in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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