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Roof cleaning and Maintenance by Legit Exteriors - serving Portland OR and Vancouver WAA sturdy roof gives the family peace of mind that they and their belongings will be protected from rain, snow, and sun. When the leaks appear or damage is done, the roof may need to be replaced. Between installation and removal, however, various roofing services can be performed to extend the lifetime of the roofing material and structure.

Roof cleaning and maintenance helps to remove debris, algae, mold, and moss, identify and repair holes, and keep everything tight and together. This ensures the family can go on living comfortably in their home without worrying about bad weather or other issues.

While some residential property owners may consider roof maintenance a do-it-yourself job, climbing up on a peaked roof and walking around is something best left to the professionals. If they do not understand the right methods and practices, it is possible to create more problems than solutions. The risk of injury is always present.

Roof Cleaning and Maintenance Tasks Every Homeowner Should Consider


  • The first step to any roofing services is a careful and conscientious inspection. While a homeowner can notice a plant growing in the gutter or missing shingles after a wind storm, it takes an experienced professional to get up on the roof and look for smaller issues that can grow into big ones over time.
  • Debris removal means more than just tossing branches into the bin and sweeping or blowing off accumulated leaves. These tasks are vital to the long-term care of a roof since organic material like this can attract pests, insects, and mold. A full sweep and even power-washing may serve the roof well.
  • Gutters, downspouts, and vents need careful inspection and maintenance multiple times per year for best results. A clogged gutter or downspout can cause a huge problem if water cannot drain away or if ice dams at the edges of the roof. Vents can attract debris or pests and need to be restored to proper working condition promptly.
  • Basic small repairs are an important part of roof cleaning and maintenance that is usually done in the springtime. Flashing around chimneys, vents, and skylights need maintenance. Curled or cracked shingles need replacement. Spot repairs on any part of the roof can put off the day when the entire thing requires removal and re-roofing.



A properly maintained roof will last longer than one that is allowed to suffer under the onslaught of severe weather and debris. With the help of Legit Exteriors’s experienced team of skilled professionals, every residential roof can enjoy a long life with the best book and protection.

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Roof Cleaning and Maintenance in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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