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Commercial Composite Roofs by Legit Exteriors - Roofing Contractors serving Portland OR and Vancouver WAFor initial cost savings, low maintenance needs, and availability, nothing beats composite roofing for commercial buildings and complexes. Composite roof shingles are also called asphalt shingles and are formed from a flat sheet of a backing material like fiberglass or cellulose with asphalt and other materials attached to it. Its popularity stems from several factors, and it will continue to be a smart choice for almost every possible commercial, retail, and industrial property application.

5 Top Benefits of Composite Roofing

  • Asphalt or composite shingles are readily available from any source. Reputable roofing contractors like Legit Exteriors, which serves the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon regions, can help commercial property owners choose from a wide selection of available colors and styles.
  • This roofing material is the least expensive option available on the market today. For commercial properties that usually have much larger groups, the cost savings can definitely add up. This is especially true for groups with multiple planes, awkward angles, and steep slopes, as they all incur extra installation costs that can cut into the business budget considerably.
  • Composite roofing helps create a watertight surface that will not leak unless it is considerably damaged. On larger commercial roofs, it is important to prevent problems before they start because it can be quite difficult to locate a leak after the water has seeped through the upper levels of the building to drip down inside. With proper drainage, it also helps snow and ice slide off and not create ice dams that can introduce water under the roof material.
  • Properly installed, composite shingles withstand everything from bad weather and windstorms to fire. Since they are flat, the wind cannot get underneath to pull them off easily. Since they are synthetic, they give the roof a Class A fire rating. This can even reduce the business’s insurance costs.
  • If any damage occurs to the commercial building’s roof, the broken, cracked, or worn out shingles can be removed and replaced without massively disrupting the rest of the surface. No special maintenance is necessary to stop the shingles from wearing out before their natural lifespan. This not only minimizes the bother of work around the business but also saves money in the long run.

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