Old Roof Removal

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Old Roof Removal and Roof Tear Off by Legit Exteriors - Roofing Contractors serving Portland OR Vancouver WAWhen the roof on a single or multifamily home is too damaged or worn out to effectively keep the family inside it safe and comfortable, old roof removal or roof tear off must take place before a new roof can be installed. While some roofing materials can be laid over old shingles, excessive damage and especially signs of rot or mold need to be removed so the new shingles or shakes have a strong foundation.

Learn About the Old Roof Removal Process

The first thing any roofing contractor team will do when they arrive at the residential property is to set everything up in the safest way possible. Responsible and experienced roofers not only ensure their own safety but take steps to prevent any damage or destruction of your property as well. This should include landscaping.

A dumpster or skip must be situated on the property to safely and conveniently discard all of the old roofing material. This is usually put on a driveway or other solid surface near the home.

Roof tear off begins at the top angle. The roof cap is removed and then all shingles are scraped or pried off using special tools. Some type of wide crowbar may be used, a long-handled scraper, or a specially designed tear off shovel. This tool has a wide flat written and a fulcrum on the back to make prying up shingles simple.

After all the roofing material is removed, the roof will be swept and all debris carefully collected and put into the dumpster or garbage cans. A magnetic broom is useful for finding the elusive nails or staples that may fall off.

Residential roof tear off focuses on protecting the property and minimizing the disruption of the people’s lives. A professional roofing contractor like our Legit Exteriors team understands that speed and installation are not the only goals when it comes to old roof removal. We strive to respect your home, landscaping, and concerns as if it were our own home we were working on.