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rooftop solar Power Equipment

serving Clark County, WA, and Portland, OR

Legit Exteriors has sourced the finest equipment for your rooftop solar power system. But you may be surprised that the most important piece of equipment you already own!

Your roof

Your roof is just as if not more important than any solar equipment that can be installed. Plus, with a solar power system having a lifespan of 25+ years, your roof needs to last as long if not longer.

In fact, tax incentives not only having a roof inspection prior to the installation of rooftop solar power equipment, but the tax incentives also provide for roof improvements to prepare for solar equipment.

If your roof isn’t of a quality that will outlast your rooftop solar power system, we need to address that first. Legit Exteriors is a roofing expert. We install smart roofs that will outlast your solar power system, maybe even you!

Our rooftop solar power solution is all equipment that you will own, install, and coordinating all the permits and local power company hookup. Your solar power system will consist of the following equipment.

Solar System Mounts

Flashed Mounts. Depending on your system’s size, multiple mounts will be added to your roof. They are designed to prevent roof leaks while adding a secure mounting point to your roof for the rest of the solar system equipment.

Do you geek out on specs? Learn more about these mounts here.

rooftop solar power mount portland vancouver
rooftop solar power rails portland vancouver

Solar System Rails

Once the solar system mounts are fixed to your roof, a series of rails will be added. Kind of like a roof rack on an SUV, rails are what the solar system panels attach to. Solar panel rails also allow the routing of wiring on your roof to keep a clean look.

Do you geek out on specs? Learn more about these rails here.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are what are added next. They take the suns energy and turns it into electricity that you can use to power your home. The more solar panels on your roof, the more energy you can produce. Our software not only configures how many panels will fit on your home but will also ensure the installation meets rooftop solar panel code.

rooftop solar power panel portland vancouver
rooftop solar power inverter portland vancouver

Solar System Inverters

We install a power inverter to take the energy from the solar panels that is a DC (direct current) current and convert it into the AC (alternating current) that is wired to your home. The power inverter is wired to your electrical panel inside your home. Your power company will change out your meter to work with their electrical grid.

Finally, we’ll get you setup with our app that will let you see real-time how the system is functioning.

The best part of working with Legit Exteriors, besides a long-term partner in solar energy is that you own your equipment. 100% of the power generated is for you to use or sell back to your local power company!

Hey Solar Geeks! Visit your local electric utility company to find out how our systems will work with their systems. Links will open on a new page. Pacific Power, Portland General Electric, Clark Public Utilities, Avista, and Cascade Natural Gas.

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