Meet the Hansens 21 [Customer Testimonial]

The Hansens? dog damaged the back of the house where their deck is. While the damage could?ve been repaired, the couple wanted to remodel anyway. So this instance (or blessing in disguise) just got the process started a little sooner.

Mr. Hansen put his info onto our Legit website and around 10 minutes later he was contacted by one of our team members.

The Hansens say they were amazed by how thorough the inspection and bid process was and at how seamless the actual project was performed. Stonemasons, siding contractors, and roofing contractors were all working simultaneously.

The Hansens also highlighted how conscientious crew members were. Every night, they made sure the site was clean and that all equipment was secure, which kept any accidents from occurring.

X3 Bundle Challenge

Legit Exterior Challenges

Mr. Legit welcomes competition not only with competitors but with his own team. It?s important for a team to develop solid bonds and when they aren’t hard at work, they are doing team-building challenges like these.

In this challenge, Mr. Legit is up on an apartment building with his crew when he puts them to the test, asking them to see who can get a shingle bundle done the fastest.

Stick around as Mr. Legit replies to viewer comments and questions!

How I Hang Christmas Lights On The Roof

How to Hang Christmas Lights on Your Roof

Hanging Christmas Lights With Mr. Legit
Come along with me as I decorate my own house with legit candy cane-style lights along the edge of my roof. See what clips I use, my thoughts on the different clips, and also the lights that I am using. If you want to know how to hang Christmas lights on your roof, this video is a must-watch.

Who better to show you how to safely decorate your home’s exterior than a roofing expert!

Mr. Legit is the Portland Metro Area and Clark County Roofing Expert. With over 20 years of experience roofing residential & commercial property in the Pacific Northwest, his advice is the industry standard. If you have a difficult roof or want to ensure you won’t have a roof that leaks, contact Mr. Legit through his company Legit Exteriors at 360-513-6150

Hand Loading Shingles On The Roof

With roofs that don’t have room to navigate a truck to load the roof, sometimes you need to go old school. See how I prep this roof for my crews to get going on this old Portland home.

Trading Services With My Electrician

We work in the trade business and sometimes we can literally trade services. He called in his favor and today we are out at his residence installing his roof.

Unboxing The Pitch Hopper !!! | Test & Review

This week we unboxed our Pitch Hopper to see what the deal was. I took it on a 10/12 pitch and tested it on wood, underlayment, and shingles to see what situations it can handle. Stay tuned to find out how it handled and what my overall thoughts on it are.

A Day In The Life Of A Roofing Entrepreneur


This is a day in the life of a roofing entrepreneur. A day as the boss is a day of many tasks. I can’t walk from the front door of my office to my car without a call or someone stopping me. To top it all off, I have trailers to fix and meetings to attend.