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What’s Going On Weekly Update March 1, 2021

What’s Going On Weekly Update March 1, 2021

Video Transcript

– Hey guys, what’s up?

It’s David here.

I’m the founder here at Legit Exteriors.

It is March 1st

and it’s actually a
special time right now.

It’s actually a women’s awareness month

or women’s history month.

And I was confused

I’m like, what is this exactly?

And so what I did a
little bit of research,

we went online

and we found out in 1978,

there was a bunch of women

that work together in
Santa Rosa, California

and they basically got together

for one week out of the year in 1978.

After a while, it took
off a lot of the women

from all over were coming in,

everybody was getting together

and it actually became,

it started spreading
throughout the country.

So when 1980 Jimmy Carter
himself, the president,

he declared it a national week.

So, yeah, I thought I’d save
you guys a little bit of time

that you guys are wondering what it is.

There’s a lot more information about it,

but let’s get into some other stuff.

The way to communicate throughout
business that I’ve seen

it’s been out for a couple years

it’s called Discord.

A lot of you guys have heard about it.

So that’s one thing that I implemented

here at Legit Exteriors.

It helps out everybody
with communication a lot.

Also we have, if you guys
haven’t seen that video yet,

we did shoot a video at a 99 Saloons

a party for the St Patrick’s day.

If anybody is watching

down there at 99 Saloon and Grill

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate that.

If you guys haven’t already

make sure to watch that video

for the $10,000 exterior giveaway,

we need more applicants so
send it to your grandma’s

send it to your neighbor,
send it to anybody you know,

that might need it or
just click on it yourself.

All right, guys

so let’s talk about a shortage.

There’s a shortage going on
in the country right now.

The shortage is on supplies
for roofing specifically.

And it’s not just with one manufacturer,

it’s actually with multiple manufacturers.

And basically what you have is

you have them shorting on
certain products and accessories

then one of the products
that they’re shorting on

is it’s specifically higher end shingles.

So you could imagine that
the higher end shingles,

some of these more,

some of these designer shingles

that are just get kind of crazy.

They are specifically,

saying that they’re not gonna have

these available till Q4 2021.

So that is a huge blow
to the rivet industry,

huge blow to us

but I do have some good news

if you guys want that,

you guys might want to get
on it sooner than later,

because we’re gonna stop

we’re gonna stop offering these

coming up here in the
next couple of weeks.

But they are gonna go ahead

and continuing with your standard shingles

but yeah, if you guys need to know

a little bit further on that,

make sure to give us a call

and we can explain everything to you.

It’s just not, it’s uncertain
times that we’re in,

but one thing is for certain,

is that there’s gonna be a shortage

on the shingles coming up

so make sure to get your roof today

and also stay tuned
for the next week then,

because I’m gonna keep
on doing these weekly,

these weekly talks with you guys.

So I really appreciate everybody here.

Hey, you right there in the back man

I really appreciate you coming in

and tuning into the whole thing.

So I’ll see you later

and YouTube by the way.

So, all right guys,

see you guys later have a good week.


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