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When a commercial or residential property owner has their windows replaced, they want to be sure that they are covered financially if anything goes wrong. Windows warranties from the company that manufactured the product cover a wide variety of issues, but can be difficult to understand due to some flexible language.

How Long To Windows Warranties Last?

Although some brands, with no warranty at all, others cover defects for a period of 5 to 10 years. Property owners can also find them that claim to cover the windows for a lifetime. The first thing to determine is exactly how long a lifetime is. Does the warranty mean how long the house lasts, how long the window lasts, how long the property owner lives, or some other number?

What Do Window Warranties Cover?

It is very unlikely that a warranty will pay out money if a neighborhood boy throws a rock through the window or if an employee backs up a forklift a bit too far. In fact, the entire window structure is probably not covered as a whole at all. Instead, the individual parts that make up the thing that is installed in the building will be covered separately. This means a glass, latches, frame, etc.

Window warranties may not cover removal or installation costs or any other labor associated with the site construction. A crooked latch may be replaced or paid for, but taking the window out to be fixed or putting the new one in comes out of the owner’s budget.

When shopping for windows, always ask for details about what the warranty covers. Term length, coverage options, and costs must all be taken into account.

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