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Commercial Gutter repair and Installation by Legit Exteriors - Roofing Contractors serving Portland OR and Vancouver WAAlthough some people understand that gutters and downspouts conveniently prevent people walking near a commercial building from getting splashed on, they serve a much more important purpose as well. When a shop, warehouse, or office building needs gutter replacement, roofing and gutter repair and installation expert can help.

Why Care About Gutter Repair and Installation?

There are two main reasons why every commercial property owner should care about keeping their gutters in the best possible condition. First, they look better when they are clean, new, and undamaged. It reflects on the business as a whole. Secondly, they do a better job of moving water, ice, and snow runoff away from the roof and safely down to the ground without damaging the property or inconveniencing customers, clients, site visitors, or employees.

3 Signs It is Time for Gutter Replacement

  • Water is not running off of the roof and down to the ground correctly. The main reason to have gutters at all is to make sure water does not pool on the roof, cascade over the edge, or end up places where it does not belong.If the gutter tilts up at the edge instead of slightly down, water can get trapped along the roof line and cause considerable damage and leaks. If the gutter and downspout are not angled correctly, water may flow over the edge onto passers-by and employees coming to work. It the bottom of the gutter is not pointed properly toward a drainage zone, the water can ruin landscaping, swamp paths, and even undermine the building’s foundation.
  • Missing or damaged parts. Broken gutters and downspouts obviously need replacement, but brackets, connectors, and gutter shields can cause problems as well. All of these gutter repair and installation parts serve important purposes and keep the water flowing in the right direction.Besides the loss of parts due to system age, severe weather events, and other factors, they can become damaged over time by branches falling on them and parts wearing out from shifting in the wind. Rust is another issue to watch for.
  • Old gutters no longer suit a commercial building redesign. Every aspect of the commercial building used to house one or more companies reflects upon those companies. If the property owner takes the time and considerable expense to refinish or redesign the building, gutter replacement should be a part of that. With the many styles and colors offered, every location’s style can find its match.

Professional gutter repair, replacement, or installation helps commercial properties look and operate their best for the longest time possible. Prevent costly damage and improve negative impressions with proper new gutter systems.

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