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Roof Leak Detection And Repairs by Legit Exteriors - Roofing Contractors serving Portland OR and Vancouver WACommercial properties with large roof surfaces have an increased risk of weather-related leaks and damage to the roofing materials. When water gets into and under it, it can flow through the top floors or utility space in the building and cause considerable damage before the property owner can even notice. The best bet is to contact professional roofers who are used to leak detection and repairs. We can help protect the property, stored inventory, paperwork and the computer equipment before roof leaks cause more extensive and expensive damage.

Commercial Roof Leak Detection Methods

On large commercial buildings, the first indication of a potential roof leak is a wet or discolored spot forming on an interior ceiling tile, wall, or floor where water dripped down from above. By the time it gets to this stage, the leak has probably been there for quite a while and will need major help to fix it.

Remove the ceiling tile and access the space below the roof. It is possible the water dripped straight down from above, but, in most cases, the water from a hole on the roof ran through the insulation, down some pipes or boards, and then found a spot to leak through to the building below.

Follow the water trail if possible. This is much easier to do during a rain event or directly afterward when the leak is active. If the professional roofer cannot find the leak from the inside, they will measure out a distance from the interior damage and carefully inspect the roof above in that zone for holes or cracks. A puddle or lingering wet patch of roofing material can indicate something is wrong.

How We Fix Leaking Roof in Commercial Buildings

The methods of roof repair after identifying the leak depend largely on the style of the commercial roof and what materials it is made from. No matter what, all of the affected material must be removed and disposed of. This means roof shingles, tiles, or sheets, insulation, interior support, ceiling tiles, and anything else the water came in contact with. Metal beams or plastic items can usually be wiped down without serious problems.

The roof is often rebuilt from the inside out or the top down. New shingles, sheets, or poured material is installed properly. Then, insulation gets replaced and all affected areas are rebuilt as needed. Serious commercial roof leaks may require replacement of the entire roof or a large section of it. Mold remediation may occur.

Leak detection and repairs must occur as soon as possible after the water gets through the outermost layer of the roofing material. If the roof is not fixed quickly, a lot of work and data could be in jeopardy. Also, the longer the leak is allowed to continue and grow, the more expensive the repair will get. Fix leaking roof quickly and efficiently to protect the business’s bottom line.

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Roof Leak Detection And Repairs in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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