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Commercial Old Roof Removal by Legit Exteriors - roofing contractors serving Portland OR and Vancouver WAOld roof removal on a commercial building is a giant undertaking that can interrupt regular business for multiple days or even weeks. The time it takes and the process depends on the type of roof material, the roof slope, and when the contractors have access to the building.

If there are leaks, other types of damage or wear, or if the roof is simply old and inefficient, roof tear off and replacement may be the best option. Understand the process before calling a reputable roofer like Legit Exteriors for any commercial building or complex in the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon regions.

Commercial Roof Tear Off

A full inspection and assessment of the property and the condition of the roof will be made first. Estimates and details about the work can only come after knowing the full picture. If the building has an old style asphalt roof, it probably has a lot of cracks and missing chunks. These very quickly lead to leaks that sneak into the building and can damage other systems or inventory.

Rubber, metal, and membrane roofs can also have these problems and will need to be replaced. Removing asphalt requires shovels and strong arms or specialized machinery. Other types of roofs may be easier. Our expert team at Legit Exteriors and remove any material safely.

Will Old Roof Removal Disrupt Business?

Debris ends up in conveniently placed dumpsters and removed from the site before new roof installation takes place. With commercial properties, extra care is used so that the business operations are not affected as much is possible. This includes keeping the walkways, landscaping, and surrounding areas free of roofing material and potentially dangerous waste like roofing nails or brackets.

All that being said, removing a roof and replacing it with a new one can be a disruptive process. Whether it necessitates closing down depends on the company policy and how extensive the roof work is.

The entire process takes considerable time, specialized tools, and careful attention to maintaining security on the property. The most reputable roofers understand the commercial roof tear off process from start to finish.

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Old Roof Removal in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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