Gutter Repair & Installation

Serving Vancouver WA and Portland OR

gutter repair and installation legit roofing vancouver wa portland orLegit Exteriors is your locally owned and operated business serving the rain gutter repair needs of those in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas. Our roof gutter repair specialists are passionate about doing a job well done and will ensure that you only receive the highest quality service possible. We always offer our services at an extremely competitive rate and we take pride in our ability to provide competent service every time.

Common Rain Gutter Repairs in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we encounter excessive rainy weather which results in debris buildup on roofs damage to gutters. Our rain gutter repair professionals have seen it all. No matter the condition of your roof gutters, we have what it takes to fix your issue fast. The most common rain gutter repairs include:

  • Fixing sagging or unleveled gutters
  • Replacing compromised downspouts
  • Cleaning out clogged gutters
  • Replacing damaged downspout elbows
  • Repairing leaky gutter corners
  • Complete replacement of existing gutters

Information about Sagging and Unleveled Gutters

Gutters need to be accurately installed at the proper angle to ensure optimal working order. Sagging and unleveled gutters are typically the result of poor installation or existing damage to the gutters. Failure to address compromised gutters can result in significant water damage to your property which can be costly and stressful.
Often times, gutters that are sagging are best to be replaced and reinstalled carefully. Unfortunately, gutters by nature are not sturdy or durable, and this makes proper installation even more important. If your gutters are still in good condition, and the reason for the sagging is not poor installation, then you may be a good candidate for rain chains. Rain chains can be installed to lift your unleveled gutters as an alternative to replacing them.

More Information

Legit Exteriors would be happy to service the rain gutter repair and roof gutter repair needs of those in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas. We encourage you to contact us now for your free quote or to schedule an appointment today! We look forward to serving you!

Gutter Installation Services

Every home or property in the Pacific Northwest requires a top quality gutter system to prevent costly repairs due to water damage. Legit Exteriors is proud to provide the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas with the highest quality gutters and gutter installation services available. We offer a wide variety of gutter styles, colors and finishes to accommodate the many different home and roof designs in our area. Our certified technicians are experts when it comes to custom roofing and have the proficiency to enhance your property through top-notch gutter installation that is sure to compliment the look of your home or property. Legit Exteriors commonly installs K-style gutters, half round gutters, gutter medallions and ornate downspouts in a broad range of different metals and colors. Whatever your gutter installation needs, we are confident we will offer you the best customer service and the most affordable price in town.