Real Estate Roof Certifications

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Home with brown roof. Legit Exteriors provides expert roof certifications in Portland OR and Vancouver WA.

Roof certifications are beneficial tools when buying or selling a home. Unlike regular home inspections, roof certifications help identify the condition of the roof before purchase and reveal if repairs are necessary. Roof Certifications are not typically included with regular home inspections and they are not always stipulated in contracts. If you are a realtor in the Vancouver WA or Portland OR areas, schedule your roof certification with Legit Exteriors!

What is a Roof Certification?

A roof certification is separate from a home inspection. Home inspectors typically do not look at roofs while performing their inspections. Rather, roofing contractors climb up the roof and perform the roofing inspection, taking note of:

  • The overall condition of the shingles
  • Damaged or missing shingles or flashing
  • Flashing around pipes, vents, and the chimney
  • The condition of gutters, drains, and downspouts

If the roof is in optimal condition and doesn’t need repairing, Legit Exteriors will issue a roof certification that’s valid for 2-5 years depending on the roof’s condition. If the roof does need repairing, we will issue the roof certification after the necessary repairs have been performed.

The Benefits of a Roof Certification

Real Estate roof certifications can help sell homes and provide peace of mind to homebuyers because it provides them with a complete overview of the roof’s condition. Below are the benefits of having a roof certification.

  • You’ll know the life expectancy of your roof
  • You’ll know the roof’s replacement value
  • You’ll have between 2 to 5 years of no roof problems
  • You’ll learn of any ventilation or attic problems
  • You’ll be protected from inaccurate certifications
  • You’ll be able to negotiate the purchase of a home better

Professional Roof Certifications

Legit Exteriors has nearly a decade in the roofing industry. Our certified roofing contractors have inspected hundreds of homes throughout the Portland OR and Vancouver WA areas, so you can rely on their evaluations. We only issue roof certifications when the roof is in optimal condition and shows it has a reasonable amount of life in it.

Legit Exteriors is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured roofing company where we strive for customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship. Contact Legit today!

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