How to Figure Roof Pitch

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Roofer holding a tape measure and level - Legit Exteriors, serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA explains how to determine the pitch of your roof.

The pitch or slope of your roof impacts a lot more than just curb appeal. It also impacts its ability to drain rainwater, snow, and other elements. If you’re interested in a new roof, the following guide from Legit Exteriors will help learn more about roof pitch and why it’s important.

What is a Roof Pitch?

The roof pitch refers to the amount of rise or steepness a roof has in proportion to its length, referred to as the run. Every pitch is expressed with a fraction of 12 so if you have a roof pitch of 2:12 or less, you have a flat roof. Anything between 2:12 and 4:12 is a low roof and anything higher than 4:12 is considered a steep roof. The steepest a roof can get is 21:12.

Why does the Roof Pitch Matter?

The pitch of a roof is a major factor in how the roof is made since it plays a vital role in durability and drainage. It also affects how much maintenance you’ll need. Very steep roofs need lightweight materials and are often more challenging to maintain whereas roofs with average pitches are easier to maintain.

Calculate Roof Pitch

If you’re planning to have a new roof installed, you may need to consider the pitch or slope of your roof. To measure the pitch, you’ll need a level and a tape measure. How to measure roof pitch.

  1. Position your level so that one end touches the roof, and is level. The other end will be in the air.
  2. Now, measure the distance between the roof to the end of the edge of the level that’s in the air. Refer to the diagram below. This distance is called the rise.

If this method of measurement isn’t practical, you can perform the same process on the underside of the roof.

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