Ideal Roof Type by Climate

Serving Vancouver WA and Portland OR

One of the most important issues to take into account before installing a new roof or replacing an old one is the climate in which the residential property sits. Any homeowner can understand that hurricanes, ice storms, and the falling trees that result can seriously affect the roof. There is more to residential roof choice than that, however, when it comes to climate. Finding the ideal roof type by climate is essential for long-lasting protection. Legit Exteriors operates in the Oregon and Washington state areas, so pacific northwest roofing options are a top priority for us.

Temperature, Humidity, and the Chance of Severe Weather

Both extreme heat and cold can affect the wood and other materials that make up a standard residential roof. In sunny, high-temperature climates, the roof material should reflect sunlight away from the home. Color options also help. In cold weather regions that get a lot of snow, dark asphalt shingles are a popular choice because the heat of the sun soaks into them more readily.

Humidity is another consideration when it comes to choosing what to build a roof out of. The wood can swell and contract and contribute to gaps or cracks between flat shingles or other materials. Treatments to prevent algae and moss growth may be vital to a healthy roof. Sold, non-organic roofing materials like metal work well.

Pacific Northwest Roofing

The region surrounding Oregon and Washington State is prone to cooler, damper weather patterns. For a roofing contractor, this means finding a material that will not change too much with humidity, does not attract algae and moss growth, and can handle wind and a lot of rain without deteriorating quickly.

The humidity puts clay tiles at the bottom of the list for pacific northwest roofing. They soak in too much dampness and will break down more quickly as a result. Cedar or redwood shakes are popular choices. Not only can they handle the moisture but they are also locally sourced. Standard asphalt or fiberglass shingles suit any climate beautifully. In the Pacific Northwest region that Legit Exteriors serves, an extra application of algaecide may extend any roof’s life.