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Mold Removal and Roof Rot Protection by Legit Exteriors serving Portland OR and Vancouver WAMany things from falling branches to mold can attack a residential roof and cause unsightly messes and structural problems. One of the most insidious problems roofs can experience has to do with one of the smallest attackers: fungus. In order to maintain an attractive roof for as long as possible and preserve the security it brings, a reputable roofing contractor like Legit Exteriors in select Oregon and Washington areas, can undertake mold removal and roof rot protection for any type of roof.

What Are the Dangers of Mold and Fungus on the Roof?

While moss and lichen are visible signs that the roof has been compromised by growths and moisture, mold and smaller fungus types are more difficult to detect. No matter what variety exists, it can damage the wooden support structures of the roof, attract moisture so the wood rots, and also introduce harmful spores into the home.

Roof rot and mold greatly reduce the lifespan of a roof and create more problems with leaks and deterioration.

Long-Term Roof Rot and Mold Protection Explained

The first step is to identify if mold and rot exist on the roof. Any soft or crumbling spots signify an advanced problem. Most of these will start at a place where the roofing materials compromise. Perhaps there is a hole created by a fallen branch, the gap between shingles and flashing around the chimney, or a worn thin shingle due to age.

In some cases, the wood is too far gone to repair and the whole thing needs to be removed and rebuilt. The best way to protect the roof from rot and mold damage is to prevent it from happening to begin with or ever again after repairs are made.

  • Keep debris from sitting on the roof for too long. This is especially true for moisture-attracting things like old leaves and fallen seedpods.
  • Seal all cracks, replace broken shingles or tiles, use wider flashing around roof openings, and inspect things regularly to make sure they remain intact.
  • Angle gutters properly so water easily sluices off the roof and does not pool anywhere. Also, keep the gutters clean and clear of debris so they do not leak or wash back against the wood or shingles.

After proper mold removal, any home should focus on roof rot protection so the same problems do not occur again. Extend the life expectancy of any material roof with these practices.
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Roof Rot Protection in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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