Exterior Siding Repairs and Maintenance

Serving Vancouver WA and Portland OR

Exterior Siding Repairs and Maintenance by Legit Exteriors - roofing contractors serving Portland OR and Vancouver WATime, human activity, accidents, and severe weather work together to attack the siding on a house or any other building. Proper maintenance and cleaning can help stave off the day when the exterior walls look old and unattractive, but a time will come when calling an experienced contractor for exterior siding repairs is the right idea. Legit Exteriors can fix siding and deliver expert maintenance in the Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington areas.

When Is It Time to Fix Siding?

Each property owner has a different tolerance for dents, scratches, and wear on the exterior of their buildings. Some will want to fix the siding at the first sign of trouble, while others will wait for more extensive damage.

Calling for exterior siding repairs and maintenance as soon as damage occurs is often the best choice. Any time the exterior shell of the building is compromised, the chance of water to seep in increases. This can lead to mold or mildew growth and considerably worse problems than a simple scratch on the siding.

If the siding has broken or cracked, is warped or peeling off, or has fallen off completely, call right away for expert help.

The Exterior Siding Repairs and Maintenance Process

A thorough examination of the problem launches the process. In the case of buckling or warping, this may involve removing some shingles or other siding.

The contractor will determine the extent of the damage and if any water has compromised the building structure already. If it has, some wood may need to be replaced, which is a more extensive construction job. If not, various appropriate measures will be taken to seal up the wall and replace or reinstall new siding so it matches the rest of the wall perfectly.

If no acute problem exists, siding maintenance offers the opportunity for a professional to make sure the property is safe from future damage and is as energy efficient as possible. This process can include close inspection, re-caulking gaps, treating wood siding with waterproofing solutions, repairing woodpecker holes, and clearing or fixing gutters.