When to Replace Home Siding

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When to replace your home siding by Legit Exteriors serving Vancouver WA

If your home’s siding is damaged, loose, or is warping, it’s time to have your siding replaced. Siding doesn’t last forever and because it helps regulate the temperature in your home and keeps it dry, it’s essential to replace it when necessary. Plus, siding helps boost your curb appeal. Here are some additional signs it’s time to replace your siding.

It’s Damaged

A couple of cracks in your siding isn’t something to be alarmed about, but if you have several cracks in your siding or your siding has become loose, it’s probably time for a siding replacement.

Holes in the siding are generally caused by pests. If this is the case, you may want to replace your siding before more damage is done.

Holes and cracks even allow water to penetrate.

It’s Faded

If your siding is made of wood, it should maintain its color for about 8 to 10 years. If your paint is peeling, chipped or needs to be frequently repainted, you may want to consider replacing it with fiber cement siding as its paint can last upwards of about 12+ years.

It’s Warping

If your siding has warped or is rotting, it’s definitely time to have it replaced. Inspect your siding by inserting a screwdriver or pry bar under the boards, near gutters and chimneys. If the material underneath is soft and easily penetrated, this is an indication of severe rotting.

There’s Mold

Mold and algae on your siding mean water is penetrating your siding and getting trapped inside. You’ll want to replace your siding before the water can penetrate your walls.

Increased Heating/Cooling Bills

In addition to your roof, your siding also plays a role in your home’s energy efficiency. If you’ve noticed higher than usual heating or cooling costs, it could be your siding. You’ll want to have a contractor inspect both just to be sure.

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