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rooftop solar systems

serving Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

Are you considering a rooftop solar power system for your home? Congratulations! You’re taking the first step toward becoming your own solar power company, doing your part in helping save the environment and saving money on your electric bill.

You can join thousands of other homeowners in the Portland and Clark County area that have taken the same steps of adding rooftop solar to their home. Legit Exteriors has made adding a home or commercial rooftop solar system easy as 1, 2, 3.

You will want to act fast!

Congress extended the federal tax incentives for residential solar. In 2021 the tax incentives are 26%! Everyone’s situation is different. Please consult your tax professional or legal professional for further information.

Rooftop Solar Site Evaluation

Not everyone is a good candidate for rooftop solar. The first step is for a Legit Solar consultant to visit with you, conduct a site inspection, and put your home’s information into our solar planning software. Our software will analyze your location and roof exposure and consider the optimal number of solar panels that will fit on your roof. If our software shows that your home will be an excellent location for rooftop solar, we can move forward.

Rooftop Solar Equipment

Legit has partnered with the best solar equipment providers out there. Our equipment has extensive testing that will ensure reliable solar power generation for your home. Not only does our solar production kits come with a 25-year warranty, but it is all Made in the USA, and qualifies for tax incentives, state programs, and net metering. Legit Exteriors provides the complete system from solar panels and rooftop racks to inverters and connecting everything up to your power panel.

Rooftop Solar Installation

Finally, we coordinate an install date and get to work. Don’t worry; legit Exteriors handles all the tricky stuff, like permits, the installation, and coordinating with your power company. Once your system is up and running, our app will provide you real-time information about your solar system’s power generation. All you need to do is get the process going by contacting Legit Exteriors!

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