French Window Installation

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French Window Installation provided by Legit Exteriors - serving Vancouver WA and Portland OR

Whether you’re considering installing French windows or doors, this classic style is the perfect design for adding flair and function to any property. Available with either in-swinging or out-swinging fittings, French windows are popular due to their ability to stylishly divide two spaces.

Why You Should Install French Windows

  • They’re durable! The construction of French windows and doors is typically made with heavy-duty materials and high-protection-grade glass.
  • French doors offer the look of a window, but also serve as a spacious entryway from one area to another.
  • They are a valuable investment that will likely add real estate value to any property, due to their charming and sought-after appearance.
  • The most desirable aspect of French windows and doors may be the view they provide. There’s no better benefit to this design than the ability to swing its doors wide open to let fresh air and sunshine in.

How French Windows Are Installed

  1. Before installing a French window, it is important to measure the radius of the swing to make sure it will be operable.
  2. The old window must be removed and the frame cleaned of any debris or insulation.
  3. If the French window is not the same size as the existing frame, the hole must be resized by following measurements and using a saw. If the new window is smaller than the existing frame, the extra space can be reduced using plywood and studs.
  4. A weather barrier must be placed around the opening of the frame, ensuring it is flush with the edge of the new window.
  5. The new French window will be temporarily placed and supporting window components installed. To secure the window, it must be centered and shims should be used anywhere adjustments may be necessary to level it.
  6. To finalize the installation, screws will be installed and insulation will be used to fill in any gaps.
  7. Lastly, the trim must be reinstalled around the inside and outside of the window.

Swing open the doors of your brand-new French window and enjoy the view!

Easy and Professional French Window Installation

Besides being functional, French windows and doors add a touch of charm to any space. For more information, contact Legit Resources today for a quick estimate. We would be happy to help you decide if French windows are the right choice for you!

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