New Construction Window Installation

Serving Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

New Construction Window Installation by Legit Exteriors - roofing contractor serving Portland OR and Vancouver WAAlthough we at Legit Exteriors offer window replacement for existing properties, we also have the experience and knowledge necessary to do new construction window installation as well. In the residential or commercial construction process, installing the windows is one of the final steps before the property is deemed ready for use. We recommend and use Ply Gem brand windows for their durability, style, and energy efficiency.

New Home Window Installation

Whether an individual is having a house built for themselves and their family or if a developer needs windows installed for a neighborhood, the process is quite similar. Careful measurements are made or the blueprints are examined closely to determine how large they should be and how many are needed. Then, the windows are ordered from the manufacturer and created in their production facilities before the new home window installation process continues.

Commercial New Construction Window Installation

The same steps above are followed for hotels, medical offices, office parks, and retail establishments, or any other commercial property being built. These windows are often larger than those used in homes, so there may be more workers and slightly different methods for transporting the glass to minimize breakage before the installation is complete.

New construction windows installation focuses on the end result for the people who will live, work, or conduct business inside the walls of the new buildings. Every job is completed to the utmost standards with sufficient insulation and sealants to maximize energy efficiency and the type of care that always makes for the best possible outcome.

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