Skylight Installation

Serving Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

Skylight and Solar Tube installation by Legit Exteriors - Roofing Contractors serving Vancouver WA and Portland ORSkylights are not only a unique way of getting natural sunlight into a home or commercial building, they also add structural interest to the room. Some may consider tackling skylight installation as a do-it-yourself job, but far too many things can go wrong when property owners start cutting holes in the roof.

We at Legit Exteriors in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington regions, have the knowledge and experience to do the job quickly and safely. The first step is determining whether the building’s roof is suitable for the addition of a skylight. They need to be strong enough with an appropriate slope. The space needs to be large enough as well. For smaller roofs, a solar tube may be a better option.

5 Steps to Skylight Installation


  • After careful measuring, the contractor cuts a hole in the roof. This takes more care than just grabbing a saw and going to town. Corners must be fortified and the shingles or other roofing removed responsibly.
  • Flashing is installed around the perimeter of the hole. This sheathing covers all the exposed wood and folds over the inner edge to keep it safe from water damage and deterioration.
  • Position the skylight in the hole properly. This is usually done with one man on the roof and one in the attic or upper floor to carefully lower it into place. Roofing nails are used to attach the skylight to the roof all around the outside edge.
  • All sides need to be sealed with a flexible membrane to ensure air and water tightness. The entire edge of the skylight structure and all the land must be covered.
  • The skylight installation finishes with L-shaped flashing all around the outside edge.



Whether the room gets flooded with sunlight from a large skylight or receives spotlights of sun through a solar tube, the process is sure to improve the look and feel of any building.

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