Sliding Glass Door Installation

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Three cats lounging in the sun in front of a sliding glass door.-Sliding Glass Door Installation Provided by Legit Exteriors - Serving Vancouver WA and Portland OR

A sliding glass door is a gateway between your indoor and outdoor living space. It allows for more natural light, makes your space appear larger, and can increase your home’s energy efficiency. Your outdoor living space should be just as inviting as your indoor living space, which is why sliding glass doors or patio doors are an ideal option for those wanting to install functional doors that are also pleasing to the eye. This style of door is easily customizable and provides a number of beneficial advantages. Legit Exteriors would love to help you design and install sliding glass doors that fit your style and budget!

Why Choose Sliding Glass Doors?

There are multiple advantages to installing sliding glass doors, all of which can effectively increase the value of your property.

  • Sliding glass doors are inherently space savers due to the fact that they operate without a hinge. Instead, they simply glide along a track, making the design optimal for those short on square footage.
  • The large glass panes allow for an abundance of natural light that will flood your living area with sunshine during the day. This can help save you money on your monthly utility bills, as there will be less reason to turn on your artificial lights!
  • Because sliding glass doors can be made with durable, high-quality glass and specialized locking mechanisms, they are a safe and reliable option for security reasons.
  • This style of door is very family friendly and allows for better traffic flow between the interior and exterior of any home. The larger size of the sliding glass door provides easy access and navigation.
  • Sliding glass doors are simple to operate, easy to clean, and make any space appear more spacious.

Installing Sliding Glass Doors

The process of installing sliding glass doors is complex and requires professional knowledge to make your new doors function properly and look perfect! The following outlines the basic steps the experts at Legit Exteriors would take to install the patio doors of your dreams.

  1. Preparation of the opening of the new door, which includes taking accurate measurements to ensure size and fit.
  2. Determining the direction that the new door will slide open depending on right-hand or left-hand preferences.
  3. Choosing the desired materials to build the doors, such as vinyl, wood, fiberglass, or steel, as well as the types of door panes.
  4. Applying leakproof flashing, caulking, and installing the new door frame.
  5. Adding extension jambs, trim, and filler strips, and finally adding filling and insulation in the trim to support the door.

Sliding glass doors can be a beautiful and practical addition to any property, and the professionals at Legit Exteriors would love to make any design a reality. If you are considering installing sliding glass doors or patio doors, call us today so we can provide you with easy and professional service!

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