Window Weatherproofing

Serving Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

Although do-it-yourself kits exist that promise window weatherproofing, many residential and commercial property owners wisely choose to leave it to the professionals. The knowledge of unique methods and the experience to do the job right goes a long way toward creating an energy efficient building.

Multiple Methods of Window Weatherproofing

Both internal and external methods exist for people who want a tighter seal around the windows so no heat escapes or cold air or moisture gets in. The goal is a draft-free structure into which no water or ice can seep and wreak havoc in the interior of the walls.

No matter what type of weatherproofing is completed, it starts with a close inspection of all windows. Any leaks or drafts need to be repaired first.

Experts in Window Weatherproofing

Whether there are leaks or not, the introduction of sealant foam or other insulation around the window frame makes things much less likely to cause problems. It is easiest to do this is the windows are being replaced, but the process is not very invasive for ones that will stay in place.

From the inside of the building, various trends and strip sealers may be used to form a tighter seal between the window and the frame or the wall. Caulk is also frequently used as a sealant and gap filler. Another option is window insulation film over the whole structure.

These improvements done by a knowledgeable contractor help the property stay airtight and stop wasting energy. The property owner can combine them with thick draperies or other window weatherproofing items to help.

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