HardieShingle Siding


HardieShingle Siding is a traditional and timeless upgrade to any home’s exterior. Originally inspired by Cape Code-style homes, many homeowners have used shingle siding to break up the monotony of normal lap siding. HardieShingle Siding is strong and durable, designed to withstand the rigors of the varying seasons here in the northwest. HardieShingle Siding is one of James Hardies’ top-selling home siding accents, and with the quality of this siding, down to options such a pre-primed finish, or baked in ColorPlus technology, its’s easy to see why HardieShingle is a great option for any home’s exterior. Many homeowners, especially in older Portland neighborhoods, choose shingle-style siding to maintain the old world charm of their turn of the century homes, while updating their siding to a world-class siding product.

HardiePanel Vertical Siding Color Options

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HardieShingle Siding has a finish that’s sure to match your style. As a certified contractor, we recommend the following siding options for your home:

  • Staggerd Edge Panel – looking for a rustic Northwest look? The staggered edge panel may be exactly what you’re searching for. Giving the old craftsman style look from the turn of the century, staggered edge HardieShingle siding provides an all-around great rugged Northwest look.
  • Straightedge Panel – The HardieShingle Straightedge Panel gives a more clean alternative to the rugged-looking Staggered Edge panel. If you are looking to add style with an elegant classy look, the Straightedge Panel may be right for you.
  • Half-Rounds – Clad in scalloped-edge shingles, vacation homes and everyday abodes look equally quaint. Our half-rounds are available in Dream Collection products or primed for paint.