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Build Your Own Legit smart roof!

Save money, save energy, live more comfortably, and go back to forgetting about your roof!

If you need a new roof, why not get the best roof on the planet?

The Legit Smart Roof© utilizes a fully synthetic underlayment and advanced ice and water barriers to prevent leaks. Our signature ventilation and energy star shingles reflect solar energy, decreasing the amount of heat transferred to your home. Our roofs are available in vibrant color options with coated copper beads that reduce algae and moss growth. Able to withstand 130 mph winds, you can sleep soundly knowing the Legit Exteriors Lifetime warranty* backs your roof. Matching hip & ridge provides a sophisticated finishing touch.

*First two years 100% craftsmanship guarantee provided by Legit Exteriors. Lifetime labor and materials warrantied by Owens Corning!