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Ideal Commercial Roof Type by Climate by Legit Exteriors - Roofing Contractors serving Portland OR and Vancouver WACommercial buildings need cost-effective roofs that will last a long time and require minimal maintenance. Most of this depends on the material chosen. Besides price point, efficiency, and suitability for the shape and size of the roof, the climate must be taken into account to get the best finished result.

Finding the Ideal Roof Type By Climate

Since we operate in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington and surrounding areas, we have gathered the best information about roofing options for this climate.

Pacific Northwest Roofing Options

  • Asphalt or Bitumen – Either poured or in shingle form, asphalt, bitumen, or composite roofing types work well for larger commercial buildings in this area. For a flat or slightly sloped roof, solid materials instead of shingles that could have gaps after wind storms might make more sense. Treatment with an algaecide or fungicide helps the roof last longer.
  • Metal – Sheets or panels of light-weight metal may be suited for smaller commercial buildings than poured or membrane roofs. It is a viable option for the Washington and Oregon region because it is completely impervious to rain or humidity. Wind is another matter.
  • Thermoplastic – Many commercial buildings have solid roofs without attractive shingles or interesting colors. The two main ones used in modern commercial building construction are EPDM and Thermoplastic. While the former will work in many climates, Thermoplastic offers increased durability. This can help the large roofs withstand the wind and wet of the Pacific Northwest region.

No matter what part of the country the commercial building is in, an excellent option for any large commercial or industrial roof is either an array of solar panels or what is commonly referred to as a green roof. Consider these environmentally conscious options when deciding on a roof replacement or build.

For commercial properties in the Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA regions, the right material affects the efficiency and longevity of the roof. Instead of focusing on costs or appearances alone, choose one from this pacific northwest roofing options list.

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Ideal Roof Type by Climate in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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