Common Roof Upgrades

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Commercial roofing upgrades by Legit Exteriors - roofing contractors serving Portland OR and Vancouver WAAlthough aesthetics are always important, commercial roofs frequently focus on cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and low maintenance needs instead. Various common roof upgrades can help anything from a small shop to a vast warehouse achieve these goals. Before hiring a roofing company or finalizing a budget, consider the following roof improvements that deliver benefits far into the future.

More Advanced Gutter System

Proper drainage helps prevent water from pulling on the top of the roof. Since many commercial roofs are flat, the collection of rainwater or melting snow or ice can quickly contribute to leaks and the deterioration of the roofing material.

Even if the water runs down to the edge of the roof properly, improperly angled gutters can cause it to flow back under the roof and seep down into the building itself. One of the roof improvements that come highly recommended are properly installed gutters with a leaf guard a system to prevent clogs.

Replacement gutters are one of the more common roof upgrades for both commercial and residential properties. They have considerable benefits when it comes to extending the longevity of the roof itself.

Replacing Fixture and Seam Flashing

If a roof is being replaced anyway, all the associated parts should be carefully inspected for damage or deterioration. This includes the flashing that surrounds chimneys, skylights, exhaust vents, and anything else sticking through the roof. Consider upgrading the new roof installation with higher-quality flashing and the addition of flashing on the eaves to improve water tightness.

Chimney and Exhaust Pipe Caps

Although commercial roofs may not have a classic brick chimney, there are still exhaust tubes and similar pipes that should be capped to keep critters, small pieces of debris, and water out. Proper caps can even improve the energy efficiency of the building because less heat will escape through them.

Other Roof Improvements to Consider

Although these options would require specialized outside help, more commercial property owners are opting to include one or both of them on their buildings. They include: solar panels to collect energy and green roofs to provide insulation and benefit the environment.

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Common Roof Upgrades in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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