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Cedar Shake Roofing by Legit Exteriors - roofing contractors serving Portland OR and Vancouver WAFor commercial properties with sloped or angled roofs and a traditional or rustic aesthetic, cedar shake roofing or other wood types may be the best option. These all-natural roofing materials are ideal for everything from boutique retail establishments to large resort Inns and everything in between. Before a commercial building owner makes a decision about the best roofing material, however, it is important to understand the unique benefits and disadvantages of wood roofing.

Cedar Shake Roofing Benefits

For a particular type of commercial building, cedar shakes just look better. It gives a natural, rustic, or traditional style that may not be found in other options. The property owner must understand, however, that the wood roofing that starts out a warm brown color will fade over time to a soft silver gray unless stained or sealed extensively.

Cedar roofing is considerably stronger than more flexible roofing types. Despite its natural makeup, it is also quite resistant to humidity levels. This means there will be less shifting and warping on a commercial roof and thus fewer cracks for rainwater to flow down and cause problems. Wood roofs are lighter than asphalt or poured roofs as well and have additional insulation benefits.

If part of this natural roofing material does get damaged, it can often be easier to repair cedar shakes because they are individually affixed to the building.

Wood Roofing Disadvantages

One of the largest negative traits of cedar roof tiles is the necessity for regular and ongoing maintenance. While most shakes and shingles are treated when they are made to help prevent fungus and mold growth, it does wear out over time and the entire roof will be additional applications. For commercial buildings, which may have very large roofs, the associated costs can really cut into the property maintenance budget.

The final disadvantage to using wooden roofing on a large commercial property is the cost. It is more expensive than asphalt or composite shingles and other flat roof choices frequently used in commercial applications.

If the property owner determines that their budget can handle the expense both upfront and ongoing, the positive aspects of cedar shake roofing will outweigh the negative easily.

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