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Commercial Slate Roofing by Legit Exteriors - Roofing contractors serving Portland OR and Vancouver WATraditional or historical buildings often had natural slate roofing that lasted dozens or even hundreds of years. For commercial property owners who want that kind of staying power with the unique look that stone roofing brings, exploring the range of both authentic and manufactured slate tiles and shingles can help make the decision.

Top Benefits of Stone Roofing

There is no denying that slate tiles have a wonderful sense of style that brings to mind the beautiful buildings of years gone by. Commercial buildings that hold this aesthetic may not have the same feel with asphalt shingles.

One of the greatest benefits of slate roofing is its longevity. Buildings hundreds of years old still sports their original slate roofs. Modern commercial property owners who choose prepared slate these days can expect to keep the same roof for their entire lives. Slate is hard-wearing, long-lasting, and needs virtually no maintenance.

If people not used to stone roofing consider slate for the first time, they might imagine plain gray rock overlapped in rough tiles all over the roof. In fact, slate comes in quite a few colors and is often installed with multiple shades in a random or stylized pattern to add even more interest to the building.

From an environmentally-friendly standpoint, natural rock beats out any other roofing material if you look at where it comes from and how it can be disposed of when it needs to be replaced. Slate is mind in responsible quarries and can be returned to the ground with no concerns rather than end up in landfills. Also, because it does last so long, 2 to 5 or more roofs full of manufactured shingles are not required.

Natural Slate Roofing Issues to Consider

Although natural slate is very long-lasting and sturdy, it does have some disadvantages as well. Slate tends to flake off on the edges and can grow brittle over time. If someone heavy like a storm blown branch lands on it, it may crack.

Also, stone is quite heavy and needs a sturdy roof structure to rest on. In some commercial applications, the weight could cause problems. It is ideal only for angled or slanted roofs.

Slate-Style Manufactured Roofing

For those people who enjoy the look of natural stone roofs but need something lighter or more affordable for their commercial property, shingle manufacturers make rather believable alternatives. They come in various colors, sizes, and shapes, and may feature the three-dimensional chipped look at the edges for a more realistic finish.

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